Devlog #6

Hey, everybody, it’s another devlog. This one is special though because of its the first blog post on Jekyll as well! In this post, I’ll talk about the progress of my side projects this week.

Wikicite - A research tool with Wikipedia as the base.

I’m a student that has to type up papers from time to time and perform some research. Most teachers will outright tell you that you can not use Wikipedia as a source.

However, there are several cases where the references or citations the Wikipedia article points to are reliable. That’s why I created Wikicite.

Wikicite is a tool that pulls references and citations from a Wikipedia page and prioritizes them for you. The education and government websites rise to the top while the less reliable ones fall to the bottom.

If you want to check it out yourself. You can see it at

Emojilog - A diary with using only emojis

If you could sum up each day with a few emojis what would it be? That’s the premise of Emojielog

With the invention of emojis and their versatility. Why not try to use it to express daily occurrences?

This also has many applications. One can monitor how often they use an emoji to describe a day or see what was the reason for those emojis being used in the first place.

That’s the main side projects and stuff I’m working on. If you liked this dev log, please be sure to like, follow, and share.

Michael Navazhylau is a Software Engineer in St.Louis. He works on fun software projects every week and helps out at IT2GO2. You can check out his website at Mechasparrow.

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