How I come up with ideas

Hey, everybody. I’ve been recently watching startup school.

One of the recent episodes was about coming up with ideas and metrics. I recommend that you guys check it out.

I would like to go over my methods of idea creation in this post. Usually, it goes something like this.

  1. Trello boarding

  2. Mindmaps

  3. Journaling

Trello boarding

I have a lot of trello boards. I use a trello board for most of the side projects I start.

I have a special trello board dedicated to idea creation. Whenever a good or bad idea pops up into my head, I create a quick note of it on the trello board.

I use several categories to keep track of ideas. I have it separated into revision, projects, todo, doing, review and completed. Looking at all the ideas on trello I can filter through them and weigh pros and cons of each one.

I recently discovered that I could use issues and project management on GitHub as well. start using that in place of trello soon though.


I’ve learned about mind maps a couple years back. A mind map helps show relationships among certain concepts and ideas.

I don’t use this method that often since my ideas come up more while I write. Yet, this is a great brainstorming tool to spread a broad concept into several specific ones.


Journaling is one the most effective methods that I have used. This could come in many forms such as lists or logs.

Usually, I will either right a daily log or write something that comes to mind for some reason. I can then look back at my logs and see what the main point of pain was for that day.

You can use each method in combination with one another. If you found this article useful, please be sure to follow, like, and share.

Michael Navazhylau is a Software Engineer in St.Louis. He works on fun software projects every week and helps out at IT2GO2. You can check out his website at Mechasparrow.

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