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The Balance of Commitments

We all have commitments. Commitments that are mandatory and commitments that are optional.

We may carry the commitment of school, work, family, etc. These are types of commitments that could be considered mandatory.

However, there are the optional ones. After-School clubs, meetups, hanging out with friends, etc

Depending on our value systems, we may place a very high or low priority on these commitments.


If you don’t leave any slack in your life, how can you truly dedicate yourself to the commitments that are necessary to uphold?

Don’t be afraid to cut away these extraneous commitments. You can always come back to things when you feel like you can actually balance them.

Commitments can’t be balanced in the first place if you don’t have the time to plan and organize in the first place.

In that case, set aside at least an hour a week to look at all your commitments and plan things around accordingly. A schedule helps.

So that’s that.

– Michael Navazhylau

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Incremental Improvement

Hello. Let’s talk about growth.

Water the plant

We all struggle with something, but there is always room for growth. Just a plant needs water and sunlight to grow, energy and time must be spent to improve as an individual in all aspects of life.

Growth as a trajectory for motivation and emotional upswing

There may be times where you may be feeling grim or sad… Perhaps even hopeless. However, if you can tell yourself that you will resolve the following day to improve at something… anything. Things inevitable will get better. How many things get better depends.

Commit to it

If you challenge yourself to improve something in your life the next day, you need to commit to it. At the very least, you should write it down prior. It also stands to be a commitment that can be looked back to on that day.

If you feel that you could not achieve the level of improvement that you wanted to reach, break it down.

Break it down further into something within your capacity and build from there.

Not many people can run a marathon without any prior training. Do not think you are the exception.

Start from the general case and work from there.

Best of luck to your growth, however small or large it may be.

– Michael Navazhylau

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Are you Running Towards or Away from Something?

There is something.

Something that we are running from.
Something that we are running towards.

We tend to run from things that are uncomfortable to think about and run towards things that are comforting.

We may even stop trying to run. This is still running. Running away by not doing. Running away from our potential

Some of us. We may decide to run towards the uncomfortable, the unknown.

It may be scary at times.

But wouldn’t you rather run towards something then run away from it?

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