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As the Number of Failures Grows, the Number of Lessons Grow as Well.

Well, I guess my writing is becoming very yin/yang in nature. Hopefully next week, they will have a bit more spice to them :)

Shall we talk about failure?

We all will fail at something.

There is no human I know of where everything in his life went according to plan. There is no way of knowing all the circumstances of the situation until the situation has arises. The only thing we know of for sure is the present. From the present, we see tiny portions of the past and potential futures. However, we will fail at something every day. Whether it is a large or small thing.

We will fail.


We will learn and grow.

Yes. We will fail, but it is nothing to get super upset about. The sun will set like it has billions of years before. Tomorrow will be a new day.

However, we will be different. We have encountered a failure, a mistake, an error. As such, we are slightly wiser then we were the day previous. This is only if we give the failure the appropriate amount of care and attention necessary to internalize the experience as a lesson.

As long as we look at varying degrees of failure and mistakes as opportunities for growth, we become more confident and adventurous people.

Hope you enjoyed this with your beverage of choice.

– Michael Navazhylau

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The Art of finding interest in learning

Anything can be interesting

Things can be taken in two layers of depth, the surface level and the deep level.

At Surface Level

At the surface level, things may seem uninteresting. Just off minimal observation, we may find things uninteresting if it does not directly concern us.

At the deep level

At the deeper level, anything and everything is interesting. Even the simplest things like the observation of a falling apple (Newton) carries the most indefinite of complexities.

Look deeper and find these complexities, and you won’t be disappointed.

– Michael.

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The fine walk between Kindness and Hatred


Kindness is the result of understanding that we all live in the same world and breath the same air.

Hatred is the result of a misunderstanding how things actually are and drawing artificial lines between people and others.

It is very easy to be hateful and very hard to be kind.

However, kindness does not mean being nice. It does not mean following the script written by society.

Kindness means that you are honest and understanding as much as you can be in any moment.

– Michael Navazhylau

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