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Nightly Code Binge Result #1

Image of a whiteboard

So with the wonderful amount of time I have allocated during the summer. I get to do some things that I would not normally do on a school day.

Note… It’s like one in the morning so…


Hmm indeed. I have been coding something to do with Anime and some other cutesy things. Though anime is a niche, I plan on expanding it onto other stuff. Then I can just integrate with like 5 apis for ex (YouTube, Netflix, SoundCloud, etc…….)

What did I code today?

Looky here -> Github Link

I’ll have a prototype out later this week. (I think)

What will happen tomorrow

Probably more coding. I’ll also start working on my more serious app. More detail on that tomorrow

See ya next time.

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Highschool So Far

So high school has been pretty interesting so far. I would like to say that I would like to get out of here and soon as possible. That feeling is greatly enhanced by that fact that I have one year left of high school. So in this article I’ll just go through the rundown of some key things that happened each year.


  • Took classes
  • Joined clubs
  • Coded


  • Took classes
  • Kept doing clubs
  • Coded
  • Virtual Business

Junior Took ½ classes + Spark

  • Spark is just more coding
  • Quit some clubs joined new clubs
  • Experimented a bit and then cut off sketchy friends


  • IDK

Within all of these years of high school and public education so far. I would have to say that my Junior year of high school has been the most valuable to me. The stakes were higher with exams like the ACT. Some classes I took were extremely interesting as well. Especially Government and Crime and Law. With how I’ve been taking classes, hopefully, senior year will not be that bad :D

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How I organize my tasks for the day.

Organizing my tasks

So I started utilizing a system that I haven’t used since Summer Break started and I thought that I should share it. It’s quite simple (I think)

The System

I use this text editor on occasion called Emacs. Within Emacs they have special modes/plugins. One of the modes are called org mode. With in Org Mode you can do you can write notes/agendas/todos and so much more

How is this system used

Everyday when I wake up in the morning (and have the energy), I create a new agenda file. This agenda file is a simple checklist file that has tasks separated into several categories.


Yeah categories.

Like What?

The categories that I have setup right now are

  • Work
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual (i.e Buddhism, Philos, etc)

By dividing all my tasks into these categories I can maintain a productive level of energy without burning myself out.

And sys.exit(1);

That’s it for now. I’ll modify this post with links tomorrow…

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