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Game Dev Log for April 16

Game Devlog

Alright I’m tired. It’s 10:30. Whatever.

I’ll talk about the progress of the game I’ve been building for the past couple of weeks

Here we go


The game, Rodnova, is a game where you are Rod. Rod is a young scarf wearing Novian who was made fun of because he wore a scarf. The games main purpose is show that regardless of who people tell you, heros can come from unlikely sources and should not be underestimated. Rod goes on a journey to prove his strength and save his village from the 4 demons of the apocalypse. That’s the story I have in my head so far.

Level Design

The levels are split into 6 sections.

  • Tutorial
  • Grasslands
  • Firelands
  • Waterlands
  • Airlands
  • Village

Each of these sections have 4 levels except the Village stage, and the Tutorial levels.

Each set of levels is intended to present Rod with new challenged and new game mechanics.

I have not designed many games before hand so the level design still needs much work


I finished up most of the Airlands levels. I just have to creat the boss level for Airlands and that is it for that section.

Tomorrow, I will complete the Airlands boss, and begin working on the Village levels

Other updates

  • Turned 17
  • Building web application in Spark
  • Eating, Sleeping, High School, Coding

Game will come out within the following weeks
Stay tuned!

– Mecha

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Project Management of Software and the Like.

Software can be troublesome

Especially when most of the time your experience is lone wolf coding. So for some reason, I decided to take a leadership position in a team project of 8 people.

I don’t know how to manage people

So how do you manage that many people and try to build a product in eight weeks?

Trial and Error my friend.

Getting everyone on board

Alright, you starting from ground zero. How do you start getting to work?

To start you need to:

  • Understand each member’s strengths/weaknesses
  • Create basic understanding of overall functionality and look of application
  • Look at end goal and work backwards

Each of these help advance the project in some way.

Understand each member’s strengths/weaknesses

Being able to gain a simple understanding of each member allows for better collaboration and team productivity down the road

Basic understanding of look and feel of application

With every team member on the same page (hopefully), the application development will become less difficult as less adjustments will have to be made

Look at the end goal and work backwards

Looking at the end goal and working backwards allows for the project to be broken into tasks and user stories. This will aid in the next step which is task delegation.

Task Delegation

Task delegation is one of the most crucial parts of project management. Without it, everyone would be working on the same features.

A good tool to use for task delegation is a kanban tool like Trello. By using such a system, each member knows exactly what to work on and when it needs to be done.

Clearing/Preventing Misunderstanding

This is a multifaceted issue, so I will try to offer what has worked for me so far.

In the midst of an misunderstanding, it is best to figure out how the misunderstanding came to be and come to a common consensus with the team member of what needs to be done.

A good way to prevent this from ever happening is to have a workshop that goes over where all the resources, tasks, and information for the project can be found. This saves time and energy as you, the project leader, will not have to answer as many of questions of confusion.

Good luck

I hope I was able to shed some useful advice in this article. If I did, please be sure to like, follow, share. It is greatly appreciated :)

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Alkonost version 1.0 released

Project Release! Alkonost: Another News Aggregation App

Alright. Alright. What’s the project?

TL;DR link to news app

So recently, I’ve been kinda annoyed with news stuff. As a result, I’ve been working on a news aggregation app in my free time.

It’s called Alkonost. You can use it here

What does it do?

Well right now. Not much.

Currently I have it setup to read some news from a select set of newsfeeds and categories. The categories are as follows

  • Business
  • Tech
  • Entertainment
  • Art and Culture
  • Lifestyle
  • Politics

I hope to implement more customizability in later versions.

Features to Implement

Here is the current list of features that I plan to implement for next release.

  • Add custom rss feeds
  • Add custom categories
  • Delete rss feeds

There is definitely a ton more I wish to implement, but I need to have a goal in my sights :P

Important Bugs

The current version of the app works. However, there are a couple of bugs. The main one is that

You can’t pull up the newsfeeds too quickly

What this means is that by switching between different news categories too quickly it could cause the app to glitch out.

That’s it for this post. If you enjoyed it please be sure to comment, like, share, and all that other fun stuff. Cheers.

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